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About us

Since 1946, SCAMM has been providing special solutions for deforming and assembling sheet metal products for various applications, such as large household appliances, power distribution, lighting, metal packaging, garage door, fans, plate heat exchangers and other process equipment, industrial furniture, and drawer cabinets. Technical knowledge in prefabrication and assembling technologies and continuous research allow SCAMM to be a worldwide leader and reference partner, offering an integrated service to deal with any specific automation requirement in appliances. The mechanics, process engineers, plant engineers, and software engineers of SCAMM work together with the customer's technicians to identify innovative and original solutions, relying on the deep multidisciplinary experience of industrial automation for cold metal sheet transformation process that has settled and transmitted in the company in over 70 years of history. Innovation with the customers is the engine of SCAMM's evolution and internationalization.

Through AI REDGIO 5.0, SCAMM aims to develop AI support tools, enabling operating conditions optimization, asset management efficiency improvement, operating costs reduction, and flexibility and adaptability of automated reconfigurable production lines enhancement based on the analysis of input-output correlations. To this purpose, SCAMM will be assisted by IMECH, a consortium of 48 high-tech enterprises, including SCAMM itself, and dedicated to interdisciplinary research in Mechatronics.

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