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About us

The Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) is one of the oldest (est. in 1707) technical universities in Europe and is recognized as #4 in Computer Vision and #8 in Robotics in Europe (2022). In the project AI REDGIO 5.0, CTU is represented by one of its youngest research institutes - the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC) that is building an AI-driven ecosystem for Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Energy 4.0, and Healthy Society.

The focus of CIIRC CTU's research work is on a broad area both in basic and applied research, especially in fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, automatic control and optimization, computer graphics, computer vision and machine learning, automatic decision-making, software, decision-making and diagnostic systems, bioinformatics, biomedicine and assistive technology. CIIRC CTU's long-term vision is to build a very complex research ecosystem for AI and intelligent industrial production. It connects world-class scientists working in the Czech Republic and abroad, supporting the transfer of scientific knowledge into industrial practice and contributing to the digital transformation of SMEs.


CIIRC CTU is a partner and provides support to national and international research and innovation networks - CLAIRE Office Prague, ELLIS Unit Prague, EIT Manufacturing Hub Czech Republic, Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) in a number of networks and projects, and National Centre for Industry 4.0 (NCP4.0). It is also a partner in four of the six networks of AI centres of excellence (NoE) supported by the EC in recent years in the field of AI and robotics. CIIRC CTU is coordinating the Research and Innovation Centre on Advanced Industrial Production - RICAIP, a Czech-German distributed research CoE, which focuses on research in distributed and flexible production (EUR 48.5 M for 2019-2026). RICAIP leverages and interconnects the state-of-the art infrastructure in industrial testbeds in Prague, Brno and Saarbrücken. Testbed for Industry 4.0 at CIIRC CTU in Prague is a unique research environment for development and testing innovative solutions for advanced and fully integrated industrial production and processes for smart factories. Prague testbed represents one of the assets for the AI REDGIO 5.0 project, especially WP6. Through the research teams of testbed and ISI (Intelligent Systems for Industry), CIIRC CTU will also be involved in multiple project activities, namely in WP3 and WP7.

Colleagues working on the project

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