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AI REDGIO 5.0 1st Open Call SME-driven Experiment Winners

AI REDGIO 5.0 project is an I4MS2 Horizon Europe initiative focused on the Twin Transition. The main objective is the adoption of AI at the Edge by European Industry 5.0 manufacturing SMEs.
The key aspects explored within the project and promoted during the 1st Open Call for financial support to third parties aimed at several goals:

  • Adding new additional use cases to better test and experiment with AI at the Edge and Edge-to-cloud-continuum in Manufacturing and Industry 5.0 in complementing the experiments already being developed within the AI REDGIO 5.0 project.

  • Enabling linkages and further enhancing the pan-European AI-on-Demand platform;

  • Exploring the development of a TRL Didactic Factory to demonstrated a Technological and Regulatory Sandbox (TERWSA)

  • Enhancing further the role of European Digital Innovation Hubs

  • Test before invest experiments in AI Didactic Factories.

  • Validation and Evaluation of SME-driven AI for manufacturing use cases

  • Application of the 6Ps method to test and understand the digital transformation effect resulting from experimentation

  • Building a sustainable ecosystem development and replicability to SMEs.

The 1st Open Call launched in the project envisaged 3 main topics that served as guidelines and coordination for interested manufacturing SMEs:

TOPIC 1 – AI at the Edge applications and edge-to-cloud continuum - showcasing the advantages AI can bring to manufacturing enterprises when this is performed at the edge; providing real life use cases that call for AI execution at the edge, or using hybrid cloud edge infrastructures, and building the necessary services and AI models to realise this target.

TOPIC 2 - Industry 5.0 and human-centric, resilient and sustainable manufacturing – proposing ways to explore how Industry 5.0 and human centred digitalization can contribute to the flexibility and adaptability of SMEs in their production processes, resulting in more resilient and sustainable systems.

TOPIC 3 – TERESA (Technology Regulatory Sandboxes) experiments - addressing Human AI interactions and regulatory and ethical issues as well as exploiting a Didactic Factory facility (DF) by acquiring a technical validation of the Human AI interaction through a DF, following the test before invest paradigm, and a regulatory and ethical validation from a competent authority (regulators, supervisors, policy makers, innovation agencies, Vanguard Initiative representatives, etc.).

In all experiment proposals, applicants were required to clearly showcase how Human-AI teaming can be achieved in their use case, where AI and human interaction are blended to benefit both the AI system, as well as human operators.

There have been chosen 10 winning experiments in the 1st Open Call that will contribute to extend the domains of AI REDGIO 5 0 and benefit directly manufacturing SMEs and small mid-caps.

All the details of the winner experiments will be shared step by step. Don't miss our next news!

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