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About us

Brainport Industries is a cooperative of tier-one, tier-two and tier-three suppliers in the open High-Tech supply network in The Netherlands. Together they do projects in the areas of digitization & production technology, sustainability, human capital, international collaboration and growth capital, in order to further strengthen and develop their innovation power.


OEMs competing on the international market for high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity machines have been outsourcing the manufacturing of sub-assemblies and larger non-core submodules to strategic suppliers for quite some time and are now increasingly outsourcing the design and development of the equipment they manufacture as well. What they're doing in fact, is giving suppliers full responsibility for these modules, from design through to manufacturing. This shift is driving suppliers to push their own boundaries in terms of feasibility and responsibility, and to extend their reach across international borders in order to tap into new, foreign markets.


Brainport Industries provides a fertile ground and a solid structure for collaborative projects whether they are related to technology, market or people. It's an environment that provides for a continuing flow of knowledge workers and experts and enables suppliers to increase their output and steadily grow into market leaders.


Brainport Industries is active in a number of European projects, among which the AI REDGIO 5.0 project. We will carry out an experiment in our field lab focusing on generating synthetic datasets that are statistically meaningful and useful. And just like in the precursor project AI REGIO, we will be responsible for facilitating and expanding the network of European Didactic Factories. So, if you are interested in joining this network, please reach out to us!

Colleagues working on the project

John Blankendaal
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Wouter Segijn 
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