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About us

Control 2K Ltd ( ) is a long-established, technical solutions provider and developer of industrial software solutions for the manufacturing and process industries.  Established in 1999, Control 2K is an innovative private organisation (SME) based in South Wales at the Waterton Technology Centre and is one of the leading Centres for Control Systems Training and in the UK.


Control 2K is also the architect behind the Industreweb™ platform; a software-based industrial data integration platform, designed to create seamless, vendor-agnostic data layer between shop floor systems.

Industreweb™ ( ) provides integration for legacy and modern digital manufacturing equipment, collects production and performance data and provides a range of visualisation tools for custom analytics, maintenance and performance.


Within AI REDGIO 5.0, Control 2K will be working closely with CAP Automation (CAP) and the Digital Manufacturing Innovation Hub (DMIW)to deliver one of six Industrial Pilots focussing on the creation of an Intelligent Contextualised Visual System for error reduction. Using the Industreweb™ Platform, Control 2K and CAP Engineering will develop an innovative AI- based Contextualised Visual System (CVS) that will collect, analyse, and present data to the operator to reduce any errors in the production process and minimise errors on the product lines of one of C2K’s key customers.


Control 2K has been engaged with European research programmes since 2007 and was one of the founding members of InterOP-VLab, an organisation set up to support the research and development community through the creation of collaborative platforms and services. Since 2009, Control 2K has been an active participant in 11 Horizon 2020 programmes and a number of UKRI projects aimed at improving interoperability and the adoption of digital manufacturing technologies across the European region.

Colleagues working on the project

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Gash Bhullar
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