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About us

The Digital Manufacturing Innovation Hub Wales (DMIW) is DMIW is a UK-based non-profit DIH, focussed on the adoption and exploitation of innovative manufacturing and process technologies (including CPS, AI, Digital Twins, Virtual Factory, Control Systems), within the SME community. DMIW provides direct support and advice to SMEs via referrals from Business Support organisations and through participation in R&D programmes, Open Calls and Industry 4.0 experimentation.


DMIW is an original member of DIHNET.EU, borne from the I4MS programme and part of the European Commission’s S3 Specialisation Platform, as well as the DIH2 Robotics Network, DIH4CPS network and is represented in the ADMA TranS4MERs platform as a UK service provider. The organisation was borne as a direct result of the work undertaken in the ‘Future Internet Technologies for MANufacturing’ Project FITMAN (2012-2015) and further developed through multiple Horizon 2020 research programmes aimed at facilitating the delivery of a network of DIH support services in the UK. DMIW is driven by an expert steering group of engineers and industry leaders with direct experience across the automotive, steel, aerospace and other manufacturing arenas.


Within AI REDGIO 5.0, DMIW will be focussing specifically on the development of an innovative Knowledge Based system as part of the Didactic Factories ‘Test Before Invest’ experimentation, exploring concepts around capturing human capital as part of the production process.

Colleagues working on the project

Gash Bhullar
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Rae Davies
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