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About us

Flanders Make is the strategic research center for the manufacturing industry. From different locations throughout Flanders, we focus on industry-driven, high-quality technological research and innovation together with and for large companies and SMEs. Our goal is to contribute to the technological development of the vehicles, machines, and factories of the future. We also strongly focus on international innovation cooperation and participation in European research projects. Flanders Make is active throughout Flanders, with co-creation centers in Lommel, Leuven, Kortrijk and Sint-Truiden, and core labs at the 5 Flemish universities: KU Leuven, University of Antwerp, University of Ghent, University of Hasselt, and Vrije Universiteit Brussel.


Flanders Make’s existing Predictive Maintenance 5.0 Didactic Factory (PM50), located at the Leuven site of Flanders Make (Belgium), consists of a fleet of seven drivetrain setups with safety casing and with high-frequency vibration, temperature, load, and speed sensors with on-the-fly AI-based processing of raw data by a central computer for predictive maintenance, and, in particular, to detect and diagnose bearing faults. It is used for accelerated lifetime tests of bearings and to guide maintenance technicians in product lines to get acquainted with new technologies in the domain of condition monitoring of industrial machines.


In AI REDGIO 5.0 Flanders Make will use this DF to experiment with (i) the upgrading of existing DF concerning Predictive Maintenance from Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0, with AI on the edge and easy-to-use and focused human-machine interfacing for decision support, (ii) providing dissemination events so that engineers of SMEs can experience I5.0.

Colleagues working on the project

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