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Focus on SMEs experiments: AI and Digital Twins for agility in mould making 



The SME Pilot II PERNOUD, situated in Rhône Alps, France, spearheads the development of a decision-making tool aimed at streamlining manufacturing sequences on the shop floor. The experiment, led by the PERNOUD Group, an esteemed international toolmaker specializing in molds for various sectors, is designed to optimize planning processes and minimize decision latency through automated prescriptions. With a focus on personalized customer service and process improvement, PERNOUD Group's expertise in mold-making and its commitment to innovation underscore the experiment's objectives. 



Anticipated outcomes of the experiment include the retrieval of shop floor efficiency through optimized planning, leading to a targeted increase in annual production volume by 10%. Furthermore, the implementation of automated prescriptions aims to significantly reduce decision latency, ensuring timely and informed decision-making processes. Stakeholders, including PERNOUD, Polymeris, and Polytronics, collectively aim to support the experiment's success by providing expertise, resources, and guidance throughout the implementation phase. The envisioned TO-BE scenario involves seamlessly integrating automated planning tools into existing workflows, facilitating real-time task management and leveraging AI-generated insights for adaptive planning strategies. 


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