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About us

The Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) is a public entity of the regional government of Galicia. It aims to enhance access and the deployment of innovation among the Galician public, private, and research main players, supporting the development of the SMEs in particular to contribute towards the competitiveness and progress of the region. The agency is responsible for structuring, planning, coordinating and implementing research, development, and innovation (RDI) strategies across different sectors and industries. The Galician Innovation Agency is also responsible for the design, implementation and monitoring of the regional Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) with an inclusive and sustained green growth perspective. Finally, GAIN oversees national and European RDI policies and programs, with the objective to increase the participation of the Galician stakeholders in collaborative projects and partnerships.

The main objectives of the agency are:

  • Definition and development of public policies that allow companies, universities, research centres and other agents to implement innovative projects. 

  • Fostering  and consolidation of the Galician RDI system.

  • Promotion of collaborative relationships among different agents of the Galicia ecosystem, promoting the creation and strengthening of knowledge networks between public and private agents.

  • Support the internationalization of innovation agents and initiatives, promoting the presence of companies in European innovation programs and access to international financing funds.

  • Coordination of regional funds and complementarity with national and Europenan plans.

  • Fostering the transfer of knowledge and technologies among agents, particularly between public research organizations and companies.

Support in the promotion and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge in Galicia, promoting the interest of the society in reserach, development and innovation.

Colleagues working on the project

Sabela Pardo
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Manuel París
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Enrique Rohrer
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