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About us

GPALMEC, established in 2021 in Rovereto (TN), is the result from the fusion of two italian companies: ALMEC, active since 1988 in Rovereto (TN) and since 2014 in Schio (VI) and GPF OLEODINAMICA, in business since 1993 in Bolzano (BZ).

GPALMEC is specialized in the design and assembly of hydraulic power packs for industry and mobile applications, in the production of hydraulic crimped hoses and in 2021 mobile and industrial automation has been added to its product-portfolio.


The company participates in the AI REDGIO 5.0 project as SME with the aim to add artificial intelligence to an agricultural machine to make it autonomous. Why autonomous?

  1.  TO IMPORVE AGRICOLTURAL WORK SAFETY: according to a press release, in Italy there have been more than 2000 fatal accident involving tractors between 2010 and 2021. There are in fact some situation where the terrain is very steep and narrow, making the job very dangerous.


Autonomous machine can take the risk in place of the driver and, therefore, safe lives.

  1. TO REDUCE GHG EMISSION: the global warming is a well-known problem and lowering greenhouse gases emission will help to counteract the warming effect. Autonomous vehicle can contribute by constantly adapting the fuel or battery consumption according to the workload and condition.

  2. TO CUT PRODUCTION COST: autonomous machine can operate without the need of an on-board driver, don’t need to rest and can work as long as the fuel or the battery lasts. This helps to cut the production cost.

Colleagues working on the project

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