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About us

Gradiant is a private RTO (research and technology organization) based in Vigo, Galicia (NW Spain). Gradiant was established in 2008 as a non-profit foundation with the goal of improving industrial competitiveness through technology transfer and innovation in the fields of connectivity, intelligence and security. With over 160 professionals and 12 applied patents, Gradiant has developed ca. 300 research, development and innovation projects, becoming one of the main engines of innovation in Galicia. Gradiant has worked with over 230 companies in 25 countries, and  its turnover in 2021 reached ca. 6 million euros.


Gradiant‘s ICT research and innovation activities spread over a number of fields that include digital communications, intelligent systems, cybersecurity, cloud-based systems, multimodal Information and eHealth, unmanned vehicles, among others, which result in the development of proprietary technologies applicable in a wide variety of market sectors. As of Q4 2022, Gradiant has participated in over 36 EU-funded research and innovation projects from a number of programmes such as FP7 (8 projects, 2 as coordinator), Horizon 2020 (17 projects, 2 as coordinator), Horizon Europe (4 projects, 1 as coordinator), Digital Europe (1 project), ECSEL (2 project) as well as ERA-NETs, INTERREG and others.


In AI REDGIO 5.0 Gradiant acts as one of the technical providers of the consortium, focused on the development and integration of solutions in the Edge and AI fields. Gradiant also supports the Galician pilot in Spain, working with GAIN and Quescrem in the application of these technologies in order to improve sustainability and reduce wastes in the industrial use cases through the Industry 5.0 paradigm.

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