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Focus on Didactic Factories: experiment Industreweb Operational Knowledge System (IWOK)



The Industreweb Operational Knowledge System (IWOKs) experiment, spearheaded by the Digital Manufacturing Innovation Hub Wales (DMIW) with the technology provider Control 2K and  then the ‘Intelligent Contextualised Visual System for Error Reduction’ deployed by CAP Engineering (CAP), focuses on harnessing AI for decision-making in manufacturing.

The initiative aims to leverage real-time data from the Mini ‘Didactic’ Factory at DMIW to develop an intelligent contextualized visual system. This system, known as IWOK, suggests solutions to production problems based on data analysis and human verification, fostering a symbiotic relationship between operators and machines. By enhancing problem-solving accuracy and speed through AI, the experiment seeks to create a dynamic knowledge base that predicts and prevents production issues, thereby improving operational efficiency and scalability in industrial settings. 



The experiment anticipates significant advancements in fault resolution and production optimization through the implementation of the IWOK system. By integrating data from operators and machines, IWOK will establish optimal operation benchmarks and identify areas for improvement in real-time. Through continuous monitoring and analysis, the system will suggest adjustments to parameters such as pressure and temperature to enhance product quality and minimize errors. Additionally, the experiment aims to streamline maintenance processes by proactively detecting and addressing issues before they escalate. By leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies such as sensors and vision systems, IWOK promises to revolutionize fault detection and resolution, paving the way for more efficient and agile manufacturing practices

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