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About us

Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI, is the leading scientific research and development organization in Slovenia covering a broader spectrum of disciplines: physics, chemistry, electronics, automation and information technologies, nuclear reactor engineering and energetics.


Department of Systems and Control ( directly involved in this project proposal works mostly on applied research, development of control systems, and transfer of knowledge into industrial applications. Within this framework the following research areas are assessed and products are being developed: advanced methods and algorithms for automatic control, procedures and software tools for design and implementation of control systems, process modelling for process control, optimization and diagnostics, smart factories, process diagnostic and condition monitoring, design and implementation of specialized measurement and control electronic modules for various applications.


JSI participates within the AI REDGIO 5.0 project as an affiliated partner of the Competence Centre for Advanced Control Technologies (KCSTV). JSI’s main role within the project is technical coordination and preparation of the regional Didactic Factory experiment in the field of non-invasive monitoring systems for assembly production processes.

Colleagues working on the project

Dr. Miha Glavan
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Dr. Dejan Gradišar
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Dr. Boštjan Pregelj
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Žiga Stržinar
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