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About us

Katty Fashion was founded in 2003 and has 2 decades of expertise in offering bespoke flexible high-end  manufacturing services for all categories of women wears for over 50 EU brands.

Winner of C-voucher competition in 2019 and BoostUP Transform CLC EAST EITM Competition in 2020, we focus on an innovative and sustainable business model with a bottom-up, agile approach in the development of viable techniques/services of zero-pre consumer waste in collaborative design, product development and on-demand smart manufacturing.

We are working closely with quadruple helix experts in digitization, bio-based, circular models and sustainability through interconnected EU value chains to achieve valuable solutions for our stakeholders.

The mission of the manufacturer in this project can be summarised as follow:

  • Implementation of AI QA solution in the manufacturing environment

  • Train AI with various types of products

  • Improve TUIASI solution

  • Examine integration with the digital twin technology

  • Highel automation level for the QA department

  • Reduce loss & waste though higher QA standards

  • Reducing labour hours for the QA department

  • Enriching QA roles within KF


Katty Fashion is deeply involved in creating a more sustainable and innovative garment manufacturing process and are thrilled to be involved in AI REDGIO 5.0 Vanguard Initiative Pilot Action on Artificial Intelligence, as well as collaborating on other project work packages together with our consortium partners.

Colleagues working on the project

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