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About us

The KC STV as legal entity was founded in 2016 by the member companies of the Technology Network Technology Process Control consortium(TM TVP), which as a virtual organization since 2002 has been connecting public research institutions and companies in the transfer of knowledge and technologies to industrial practice and in the development of products and services for sale on the market. We have registered research group for advanced control technologies at Slovene Research and Development Agency.

In 2017, KC STV was actively involved in the preparation of action plans of Strategic Development and Innovation Partnerships (SRIP) in the field of Factory of the Future (SRIP ToP), where in cooperation with the Jožef Stefan Institute (as the applicant), Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and TECOS, Slovenian Mold Association, it signed an agreement on the establishment of SRIP ToP and prepared the action program. SRIP ToP is formed as a system of 4 clusters, with the KC STV being the holder of the STV cluster – Control systems and technologies. We have 39 members – 9 members come from academia, 28 members from industry and 2 members from other associations.

Research and development activities within our cluster focus primarily on the following technological areas:

  • Artificial intelligence in control and optimization of systems. In this context, the partners envisage the development of new solutions in the field of process optimization, control and diagnostics using methods for managing large amounts of data, machine learning, advanced statistics, etc.

  • Digital twins in technical processes. The focus is on the development of the methodology for establishing digital twins and the applications of this concept on various processes and devices.

  • Energetics in complex systems. Activities are mainly focused on the development of software modules and interfaces that will enable energy optimization at the factory level and its integration into a higher energy level.

  • Predictive maintenance – prognostics and assessment of the state of production devices and machines. The development of predictive maintenance is envisaged in various areas such as e.g. electric motor production line, bread baking line, metal sheet cold-rolling line, injection molding machines, etc.

  • Industrial Internet of Things. The focus is on the development of interfaces and agents that will enable efficient connectivity of devices and machines into a single system.

  • Integrated MES. Activities focus on upgrading and expanding the functionality of existing MES systems.


KCSTV is very active in internationalization due to its ability to support variety of different domains. We are active member of EFFRA, A.SPIRE, Clean Hydrogen Partnership and Vanguard Initiative.

Within AI REDGIO 5.0 project we are engaged in dissemination of project results in academia and cluster members, mostly in WP8.

Colleagues working on the project

Giovanni Godena  
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Rudi Panjtar
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