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About us

In the Laboratory of Control Systems and Cybernetics (LAK) we deal with modern and advanced methods of computer modelling, simulation and system control. We have a long tradition in this field, and in the last ten years we have also been working on autonomous mobile systems. In research, we use modern adaptive, predictive, multivariable and hybrid methods of modelling and control, as well as approaches from the field of artificial intelligence, such as fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks and expert systems, in addition to the more conventional approaches.

The methods mentioned are used in many areas: in system control, thermal processes (in buildings, in industrial processes), mobile systems, aerospace, bio- and pharmacogenomics, medicine etc.

The Laboratory of Control Systems and Cybernetics (LAK) at the University of Ljubljana (UL), which is one of the participating partners in the WP8 demonstrator, is one of the departments of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FE). The department has more than 50 years of experience in the field of modelling, simulation and automatic control. It currently consists of 5 professors, 3 assistants, 4 researchers and 2 junior researchers. The department has completed more than 90 projects, 25 of which have had international participation. The research conducted in the laboratory is focused on the theory and application of modern methods of computer control and on the modelling and simulation of dynamic processes.

The LAK at ULFE will be responsible for the didactic use of the demonstration platform. They will organise and perform the seminars with their students that will lead to new solutions that will be tested on the platform. In addition, UL will also participate in the development of the initial solution to be tested on the demonstrator.

Colleagues working on the project

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