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About us

MADE – Competence Center Industry 4.0 is a reality created by MISE (Italian Ministry of Economic Development) and one of the eight Italian Competence Centers for Industry 4.0 created to implement Orientation, Training, and Finalization activities for technology transfer projects with companies on Industry 4.0 issues. Acknowledged as Digital Innovation Hub by EU Commission, it leads companies towards digital and sustainable transformation by showing I4.0, and implementing solutions in Test Before Invest scenario with its demo-center of 2,500 m2 with 20 tech use cases.

MADE 4.0, thanks to the shared vision of its 46 partners, supports Italian manufacturing companies through 4 key services: education, training, industrial projects and funded projects.


The Competence Center empowers academic and industrial partners to participate in funded projects through the exploitation of installed assets and solutions, as well as the concept of the "Teaching and Learning Factory". It offers partners access to European networks in which an international network of expertise can be developed by leveraging the know-how of consortium partners. 


The main activities in which MADE4.0 is involved in the context of the AI REDGIO 5.0 project can be summarized as follows:


  • coordinating the progress of the project workplan by monitoring, assessing and governing the innovation results and their socio-economic-ethical impact;

  • establishing requirements, needs and evaluation tools for AI – driven Industry 5.0;

  • contributing to the creation of an ecosystem of (E)DIHs active in AI-at-the-edge for Manufacturing Industry 5.0;

  • planning and implementing the socio-economic impact considering the EU-way to AI Legal Ethical issues;

  • raising awareness around project activities supporting the engagement of stakeholders.

Colleagues working on the project

Maria Rossetti
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Gianmaria Peruzzi
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Ottavia Villain
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Aurora Mariani
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