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About us

MADE Manufacturing Academy of Demark - is a One-stop-shop for Advanced.Manufacturing establiched 2014 and in 2020 appointed the Danish National Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing. 
MADE aims to facilitate the development of innovative world-class manufacturing solutions in Danish industry, enabling Denmark to compete globally and to generate jobs. MADE achieves its goals through the development of strategic partnerships between research institutes and industry, to deliver state-of-the-art: manufacturing technology, leadership, operating models and education to all sectors and geographic areas in DK. MADE activities are devided into 3 tracks: Research, Innovation and Education.


MADE members have since the foundation in 2014 grown from 34 to 250+ members and have become known as an attractive partnership between industry, researchers and other manufacturing enthusiasts MADE’s member include:  >220 companies:  large ones like LEGO, Vestas Danfoss, Grundfos, Coloplast and small ones, where 4 out of 5 companies are SMEs, 6 universities, 4 RTOs and 6 educational institutions.

MADE as an organisation counts only 13 employees and few student assistants. MADE assure the funding and coordinates the activities taking place at the companies, universities and RTOs.


Among the first recognized DIHs in Europe –building strong and trust-based industry & research collaborations, that proved impact after few years dedication.

  • Receiver of the to date (2018) largest national Research and Innovation grant to run the MADE DIGITAL program, introducing I4.0 in a Danish version adopted to the many SMEs.

  • MADE is recognised by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative as a gold cluster.

  • The secret behind the success can be summarized as: having a vision, the right people, structure, discipline and trust. That facilitated the shift from Danish industry decline to growth and a national platform program into a recognized eco system and DIH with impact.

In AI REDGIO 5.0, MADE contributes to WP related to the Network for AI on the edge I5.0, WP related to Socio economic impact plus WP relatedto  Management and wp8 Communication. The linked party of MADE Aalborg University, AAU plays a key role in WP related to Needs, requirements for AI driven I5.0.

Colleagues working on the project

Merete Nørby
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