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About us

The Pernoud Group is an international toolmaker company, created in 1971 and located in France & USA. It is specialized in molds for plastic parts injection, composites & die casting tools. Pernoud has 65 collaborators and exhibits a turnover of 10 M€. It works for different activities such as automotive, packagning, building, aeronautics and defence sectors.

Its various activities are organized around 4 business units, namely:


  1. R&D is dedicated to feasibility studies product process / innovation, parts co-design. A portfolio of 5 main innovations has been developed and proposed to the customers, namely: Multitube (cancellation of post molding welding operations), LSR overmolding, E-Assist (connected glasses for remote and real-time diagnosis), E-Tooling (smart and connected tool), k-E-nematic (autonomous mold and electric actuators)

  2. Tool & Mold designs and manufactures complex tools with high kinematics.

  3. Services is dedicated to the repair and maintenance activities of used tools from all sources.

  4. Pernoud Machining is specialized in the realization of complex prototypes and parts from micro to mini-series (from 1 up to 10 parts).


The Pernoud Group emphasizes on personalized customer services through molding process improvement & increased productivity. It is ISO 9001 version 2015 certified and received the research centre accreditation status from the French government.


In AI REDGIO 5.0, the PERNOUD Group will experiment the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin in its organization in order to improve agility and productivity.

Colleagues working on the project

Hugues FERRE
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