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PORINI International LDA

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About us

Porini International is one the leading Microsoft Partners supporting clients worldwide in designing and delivering state of the art solutions that can accompany all corporate functions towards the new digital transformation.

With more than six years of experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence, recognized by Microsoft with the Microsoft Digital Awards in Data and AI as the best Italian partner, Porini also joins the Microsoft AI L.A.B, the initiative that promotes the opportunities of generative Artificial Intelligence for public and private companies, and contributes to the sustainable growth of Italy through new scenarios of digital innovation.


On the AI point of view, Porini International is the AI REDGIO 5.0 partner focused, during the WP5, on integrating the different AI artifacts of WP5 with the Manufacturing Data Spaces and advancements made in WP4 and supporting the specific needs of manufacturing industry related to the experiments of the WP6.


Porini's activities are supported by the experience of SMC, in the role of affiliated entity, with over 40 years of history and headquarters in Treviso. SMC is a company of the DGS group, leader in Italy in system integration services and application development based on Open Source technologies. With its expertise in the industrial sector in particular, SMC has a strong position in northern and central Italy and a rich client portfolio in the main market segments (Manufacturing, Public Sector, Financial Services).

The company’s goal is to create solutions by exploiting the most advanced open source development technologies, paying great attention to the user experience and the ease of integration and introduction of our solutions into companies.


During the AI REDGIO 5.0 project, SMC will be involved in the development of the Data Platform and Data Space, leading the implementation of the Data4AI Open Source Reference (WP4). On the other hand, SMC will support the SCAMM Application Experiment (WP6) contributing to the definition and implementation of the technological architecture.

Colleagues working on the project

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