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About us

SMC TREVISO SRL, part of DGS SPA Group, is the group leader in system integration and application development services based on Open Source technologies. SMC is specialized in data process management, collaboration and digital experience, optimization of IT performance especially applied to the manufacturing industry. Its R&D Department is specialized in Data spaces AI and Virtual and augmented reality applications in Industry 4.0 context.

Since 1981 SMC is the perfect partner for digital transformation, able to create real solutions, not simply software, paying attention in optimizing customers' digital experience and improving the ease of integration of solutions.

SMC vision and mission:

  • being a point of reference at national level for companies that want to face true Digital Transformation.

  • Making customers competitive by guaranteeing them the best solutions that the market can offer, enhanced by the best technologies.


In the AI REDGIO 5.0 project SMC will be in charge of:

  • the development of the Reference Architecture (WP4.4) as building blocks of components, supporting the “smart data modelling” initiative

  • the design of the architectural solution for the experiment carried out by SCAMM (WP6) - as end-user and as a provider of the technology related to one of the SME-driven experiments -coordinating a common methodology by a shared framework for defining and measuring KPI

Colleagues working on the project

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