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About us

Suite5 is an Information Technology Solutions and Services SME that delivers innovative data-driven intelligence solutions through state-of-the art technologies, required for any organisation to be placed at the forefront of competition through greater efficiency. Combining strong technology know-how and hands-on approach in managing and implementing projects commissioned by the public and the private sector, Suite5 provides research-inspired solutions and practical support for its clients in order to leverage business and operational intelligence into their everyday operations, transform the latent and unexplored data assets into actionable insights for products and services, with the ultimate goal to drive performance and efficiency across the value chain. Bringing a strong background and experience in multiple domains the expertise of Suite5 spans over a wide spectrum of innovative areas, including AI, Big Data Analytics, Trusted Data Management, Semantics & Data Interoperability, Data Sharing & Distributed Ledger Technologies.


The overall concept, vision and the technologies around Artificial Intelligence in the edge – cloud continuum and Trusted Data Sharing, to be researched and developed in AI REDGIO 5.0, fall within the major interest areas of SUITE5. In particular, SUITE5 coordinates the design, development and integration of the Industry 5.0 EDGE AI Toolkit and its interoperability with the AI-on-demand platform, and the design and delivery of Data Spaces at different levels with standard Data Models and Ontologies.

Colleagues working on the project

Sotiris Koussouris
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Nefeli Bountouni
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