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About us

TXT E-Tech is the professional service engineering of the TXT Group, an international software products and solutions vendor. Specialized in the most dynamic and agile markets with the highest degree of innovation and renewal that require state-of-the art solutions, TXT is focused on two main business areas: specialized software products and advanced Software-related Engineering Services for companies in the Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive and Manufacturing; testing and quality services in Banking. At 2022, TXT group has closed the financial year with 150-million-euro revenues and 2.500 employees.


Thanks to its technological expertise and business experience, TXT is in charge of both technical tasks and exploitation activities. For the former, TXT is responsible for ensuring seamless exposure and interoperability of the AI REDGIO technologies/platforms portfolio with the AI-on-Demand platform, including searching and sharing of project assets (data, AI models, AI pipelines).


Considering the exploitation side, TXT leads the work package dedicated to the socio-economic impact assessment of AI-at-the-Edge Industry 5.0. More in detail, TXT role is assigned to the definition of AI REDGIO 5.0 exploitation actions, starting from the project’s value proposition based on the market / competition analysis that will be also performed with the lenses of a Manufacturing SMEs and its affordability in conjunction with DIH resources. This study is complemented by a SWOT analysis that will help identify the joint exploitation strategy and perform a ownership and IPR management policy. Thus, the main exploitation packages will be studied to better define not only the individual but also the joint exploitation. For the latter, TXT will implement a ROI-based Business Plan for the project and for the network of AI-at-edge (E)DIHs. The exploitation vehicle will be selected among the existing initiatives, e.g. the Digital Factory Alliance, the DIH4industry and the AI-on-demand Platform and a Business / innovation model developed together. A business plan will be refined and implemented to a 2030 perspective.

Colleagues working on the project

Veronica Antonello
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Michele Sesana 
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Gabriele De Luca
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