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About us

UNPARALLEL (Unparallel Innovation, Lda) is a Portuguese SME that develops digital technologies and provides consulting services on digitisation with a strong foundation on research and innovation. The company was founded on May 11th, 2012, by two engineers/researchers from the NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA). UNPARALLEL presently employs 16 professionals (12 men; 4 women) and its Research & Innovation Department is in the Greater Lisbon region.

UNPARALLEL develops products ranging from hardware devices to software/web solutions, and provides high-value consulting services on technology development, strategic insights, market intelligence, etc. Research is at the core of the company as it guarantees a continuous innovation for our products and services based on up-to-date scientific-technical knowledge. Main target markets include Internet of Things, Industrial IoT, Smart Factories/Manufacturing, Agri-food instrumentation, Smart Cities solutions, Water-smart Systems, Consumer Products, etc.


In AI REDGIO 5.0, UNPARALLEL’s main responsibilities are:

- Contribute to the development of an Open Hardware Platform for Embedded AI and AI-at-the-Edge (developed in collaboration with HOPU/Libelium).

- Contribute to the I5.0 Data4AI Open-Source Reference Implementations.

- Contribute to the AI REDGIO 5.0 Exploitation Vehicle building-up on the Digital Factory Alliance (DFA) Innovation Catalogue (powered by IoT-Catalogue).

Colleagues working on the project

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